Scleral lens wear in scuba and deep-sea diving

Scleral GP lenses are used increasingly worldwide, and the use and safety of wearing this type of contact lens has been studied extensively. However, how these lenses perform under extreme conditions (for example, while deep-sea diving) has not been investigated—even though a mini-scleral amphibious optics contact lens for diving without a mask has been recently developed. However, some complications associated with diving while wearing contact lenses have been documented.

In summary, wearing GP scleral lenses while diving did not produce serious complications in our patients. Given the benefits of optimal visual correction and potential protection from pressure-related trauma (e.g., mask squeeze), continuing to wear their scleral lenses may be the safest option for these patients should they wish to dive. Nevertheless, additional research regarding scuba and deep-sea diving while wearing scleral lenses is needed to fully determine the entire range of risks and benefits associated with wearing a scleral lens. In this respect, research is currently underway to evaluate scleral lens wear among the European diving community. This research will likely provide valuable insight into the subjective and objective experiences of patients who wear a scleral lens while diving.

Het volledige artikel is gepubliceerd in Contact Lens Spectrum, Volume 32, 2017, pp. 41-43, 49. Link naar het artikel.