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Questionnaire DAN

As part of the Diving Safety Laboratory (DSL) project of the Divers Alert Network Europe (DAN Europe), a research project has been started to investigate the safety and comfort of diving while wearing hard scleral contact lenses. While currently, daily disposable soft contact lenses are the first-choice lens to wear while diving, there has been very little research on scleral lenses.

Gas-permeable scleral lenses are used increasingly worldwide. Other names for a scleral lens are a scleral contact lens or ocular surface prostheses. It is a large rigid contact lens that rests on the sclera (white of the eye) and bridges the cornea. Scleral lenses are designed to treat a variety of eye conditions, like keratoconus, irregular shape corneas or thin and fragile corneas.

Due to the theoretical risk represented by mask squeeze, it is commonly advised that people who have keratoconus or highly irregular shape anomalies should not dive. However, we know from experience that some divers (the exact number is not known) with these conditions do dive, using scleral lenses, seemingly without too many problems.

The use and safety of wearing this type of contact lens has been studied extensively. However, how these lenses perform while scuba diving has not been investigated. Wearing scleral contact lenses could be a safe and comfortable way for these people to dive and enjoy the underwater world. For this research, we ask all scleral lens wearers who dive with scleral lenses to answer a questionnaire on their experiences of diving with their lenses. The aim of this research questionnaire is to gather more data on the experience of diving with scleral contact lenses; we will then be able to make recommendations based on facts, not just theoretical considerations.

Your answers will be recorded anonymously; your registration data and/or DAN membership number are only used to ensure no duplicate questionnaires are recorded. We will need some personal data such as your age, sex and diving experience, but there will be no direct link to your personal identification data. By completing this questionnaire, you consent that your answers are used in the statistical analysis.

If you have any questions about this research, you can submit them by e-mail to the following address: pgermonpre@daneurope.org.