Change in subscription prices

In the past year, suppliers of contact lenses and contact lens solutions have had to deal with a significant increase in production costs. Besides inflation, more expensive raw materials and higher staff costs, legal regulations have also led to a significant increase in prices. This effect is greatest with rigid lenses and non-silicone soft lenses. Visser Contactlenzen is forced to partly pass on this increase in subscriptions, which is why some subscriptions have increased in price as of 1 March 2023. Below is an overview of the service subscriptions that are going up in price:

VSB-subscription with silicone hydrogel lenses: + € 0,25 per month

VSB-subscription with conventional and advanced lenses: + € 0,50 per month

VSD-subscription: + € 0,50 per month

FreeView (night lenses) subscription: + € 0,50 per month

Medical subscription: + € 0,15 per month

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