Change in subscription rates 2024

Over the past year, suppliers of contact lenses and contact lens solutions have had to deal with significant increases in production costs. In addition to inflation, more expensive raw materials and higher personnel costs, legal regulations led to a significant increase in prices. This effect is greatest for form-stable lenses and non-silicone soft lenses. Visser Contact Lenses is forced to partially pass on this increase in the subscriptions. Therefore, as of April 1, 2024 the subscriptions will be increased in price. Below is an overview of the consequences for the service subscriptions:

  • VSA subscription: + € 0.35 per month
  • VSB subscription with silicone hydrogel lenses: + € 0.85 per month
  • VSB subscription with conventional and advanced lenses: + € 0.85 per month
  • VSC subscription: + €0.35 per month
  • VSD subscription: + € 0.85 per month
  • FreeView (night lenses) subscription: + €0.85 per month
  • Medical subscription: + € 0.35 per month

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