Modern Scleral Lenses Part II: Patient Satisfaction

To evaluate the subjective performance of modern scleral lenses in patients of the clinics of Visser Contact Lens Practice.

In this cross-sectional survey, all the necessary data were collected at the first follow-up visit during the 5-month study period. In accordance with the preformed fitting technique developed at Visser Contact Lens Practice, four types of scleral lenses were used: spherical, front-surface toric, back-surface toric, and bitoric. Subjective performance was investigated during an interview that included the use of a five-point Likert scale and by means of a questionnaire supplemented by a 100-mm visual analog scale (VAS).

The interview and questionnaire showed high scores for patient satisfaction with the current scleral lens in the 178 patients (284 eyes) (median score, 4; range Likert scale, 1–5; median score, $75; range VAS, 1–100). Significant increases in scores were seen with the current scleral lens compared to the former correction: 78.9% for comfort, 78.2% for visual quality, and 87.7% for overall satisfaction (n 5 284 eyes) (P,0.001). In the 99 eyes that switched from back-surface spherical to back-surface toric designs, the following significant increases were seen: 61.6%, 37.4%, and 65.7%, respectively (P,0.001).

High patient satisfaction was seen with all the modern scleral lens designs in the management of several forms of corneal abnormality. The interview showed differences in comfort, visual quality, and overall satisfaction in favor of the back-surface toric designs compared to the back-surface spherical designs.

The entire article was published in Eye & Contact Lens, Volume 33, No 1, 2007, pp. 21-25. Link to the article.