Regional Cornea Afternoon

On Monday 11 November 2023, the Cornea Patients Association organised an informative regional cornea afternoon in cooperation with RadboudUMC and Visser Contact Lens Practice.

Hoornvliesmiddag Visser Contactlenzen

We look back on a very successful afternoon in Nijmegen.

Ophthalmologists and cornea specialists Siamak Nobacht and Gergely Losonczy of Radboudumc and #TeamVisser Optometrist and Contact Lens Specialist Michaella Sas-Meertens shared valuable information about corneal diseases, treatment options, developments and new techniques in an approachable way.

Many questions arose from the participants. For example, questions about the differences between full and mini scleral lenses, different types of liquids, innovations in lens materials. But also about reimbursements and further costs of medical lenses. There was also a question about whether lenses flatten the corneas to prevent deterioration. They do not, and Michaella was able to explain this well using several slides.

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