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6662 NC Rijnstate Elst

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Healthy contact lens wear in Elst

In the brand new hospital Rijnstate Elst you can schedule an appointment to get the best care for your eyes. If you’re looking for a specialist in Elst to check your eyes, Visser Contactlenzen is the perfect place for you. Visser Contactlenzen offers eye measurements and advice about the right contact lenses for your eyes.

The health of your eyes

A good eye check-up is very important for your health and well-being, so it is important to visit a professional optometrist in Elst. The specialists at Visser Contactlenzen in Elst are perfectly placed to find the best solution for your eyes, including when fitting lenses on medical grounds.

Nieuwbouw Rijnstate Elst

Comfortable and safe contact lens wear in Elst

Make an appointment with one of our specialists in Elst and experience the feeling of wearing contact lenses comfortably and safely.

Specialists in Elst – Rijnstate

These specialists at Visser Contactlenzen in Rijnstate – Elst can help you with fitting contact lenses, including on medical grounds.

Route and parking Rijnstate Elst

  • From all approach raods

    • Coming from the A15, take exit 38 Elst
    • Follow the Rijksweg Zuid, then take a left and follow the signs towards the station and Rijnstate.

    Stationsplein 2 is a new address. Not all satnavs recognize this address. With the postal code most systems will work. If not, choose ‘Station Elst’ as your destination.

  • At the parking area in front of the hospital there is ample free parking.

  • Rijnstate Elst is located next to Elst station. Take the train or bus to Elst station and you are there, en u bent er al. Plan your trip easily via 9292.nl.

    The following buses will get you there:

    • Breng line 14 between Arnhem Centraal and Nijmegen.
    • Breng line 35 between Bemmel en Zetten.
    • Breng line 331 between Arnhem Centraal and Nijmegen Weezenhof.
  • At Rijnstate Elst Visser Contactlenzen is located in the ophthalmology outpatient clinic on the second floor. Please report at the reception desk. You will then be told which waiting room you can use.

Visser Contactlenzen

The best solution, the best care