Healthy contact lens wear in Maastricht

At the MUMC+, Visser Contactlenzen is located in the ophthalmology outpatient clinic (route 3, blue). Our consultation hours there are only available to patients of MUMC+ ophthalmologists. You can report to room 14.

The health of your eyes

A good eye check-up is very important for your health and well-being, The specialists at Visser Contactlenzen in Maastricht are perfectly placed to fit contact lenses on medical grounds.

Maastricht MUMC+

Comfortable and safe contact lens wear in Maastricht

Make an appointment with one of our specialists in Maastricht and experience the perfect solution that contact lenses can offer for complex eye conditions.

Specialisten in Maastricht UMC+

These specialists at Visser Contactlenzen in Maastricht UMC+ can help you with fitting contact lenses, including on medical grounds.

Route and parking MUMC+ branch

  • From Eindhoven / Luik

    • On the A2, take exit 55 Academisch Ziekenhuis Maastricht
    • Take the 1st exit on the right. This is P. Debyelaan
  • There is paid parking in the MUMC+ parking garage.

  • By train from Maastricht Randwyck station

    • It is about a 5-minute walk from the station to the MUMC+
    • From the platform, go up the stairs to the exit
    • Turn right when you come out of the station.
    • After about a five-minute walk, you can turn left via the footbridge (North entrance) to the MUMC+

Visser Contactlenzen

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