Children and contact lenses

Parents often have many questions when it comes to their children wearing contact lenses. And rightly so. Before you get lenses for your child, you naturally want to be well informed and know the possible risks. We can reassure you that from the age of about 8, most children are perfectly able to wear contact lenses safely and comfortably.

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The right contact lens for your child?

Make an appointment with one of our specialists together with your child and we will see which lens is suitable.

The development of the eye

A child’s eye has normal adult dimensions at the age of two. The front of the eye (where the contact lens sits) will hardly change for the rest of their life. From that moment on, a child could theoretically already wear lenses. However, hygiene is a very important factor in wearing contact lenses safely and comfortably. It is therefore important that a child can also handle their lenses hygienically and that their parents can help with this. Usually, a child is able to do this from the age of 8. In other words, it is perfectly possible to start wearing contact lenses around that age. Sometimes, for medical reasons, contact lenses can be worn much earlier.

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Frequently asked questions

  • In combination with a Visser Service Subscription, a fitting is usually free. Below are the basic prices for contact lens fittings.

    For all types of contact lens fittings: A new fit = € 122,- / a readjustment = € 82,-.

    After the adjustment process, a subscription can be taken out and from that moment on these costs are included in the subscription.

  • It is understandable to be concerned if your child is nearsighted at a young age and therefore needs to wear glasses or contact lenses to see clearly over a distance. However, just because your child is nearsighted doesn’t mean they also have progressive myopia. It is quite possible that the myopia will stabilise and therefore not constantly increase. It is very important for your child’s myopia to be well controlled, because the chances of slowing down progressive myopia are greatest at a young age. Therefore, the sooner an appropriate treatment method is started, the more successfully myopia can be slowed down.

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