Rigid lenses

Rigid lenses used to be called hard lenses. Due to all kinds of developments in the materials and design of the lenses, their name has changed to rigid lenses. Rigid lenses have a high oxygen permeability. A rigid lens is a relatively small lens. The diameter can vary, but is about one centimetre.

Information on the fitting


  • Good visual acuity
  • Simple way to correct cylinder power
  • Low risk of solution allergies or hypersensitivity
  • Better preservation of eye sensitivity
  • Better correction for an irregular cornea, such as keratoconus
  • Average lifespan of one to three years
  • Polishing possible
  • Sometimes cheaper in the long run


  • Easier to lose (e.g. during sport)
  • Longer adjustment period (several weeks)
  • Easier to get dirt under the lens
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Seeking the right contact lens for your eyes?

Make an appointment with one of our specialists and we will see which lens suits you best.

Three steps to the perfect contact lens


1. Make an appointment

Call our service bureau on 088 900 80 80 and make an appointment at a branch near you.

2. Fitting at Visser

During a fitting, our specialist will see which type of lens is most suitable for your eyes and wishes. These can be soft lenses, such as silicone hydrogel lenses, but it may also be that rigid lenses are better in your case.

3. Contact lenses received

After the fitting, our specialist will order the contact lenses that best suit your eyes. Delivery takes place from our Central Warehouse.

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