Visser Contactlenzen is a family business with a team mainly composed of optometrists who are all specialised in fitting contact lenses. Many ophthalmologists rely on our expertise when looking for an application or solution in the form of contact lenses for their patients.

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It is our mission to be a global leader in safe and comfortable use of contact lenses. We do this with a passion for quality, the customer, the profession and Visser Contactlenzen. Immediately after our foundation in 1977, we made a clear choice to deliver top quality, both in our products and in our advice and services. We do business with virtually every contact lens supplier and are at the forefront of developments. Our specialists contribute to eye studies and publish the results.

Family business

Despite the great growth of Visser Contactlenzen, the organisation is still a true family business – but one with the advantages of a large, stable organisation. You can see that in every aspect. At Visser Contactlenzen, we stand not only behind but also beside our people. We ensure a safe – and very pleasant – working atmosphere within an organisation with short lines of command and no hierarchy. We do what we say, say what we do and make sure that things are properly arranged.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Visser Contactlenzen pays a great deal of attention to contact lens fitting and aftercare, using the latest techniques. We are at the forefront of new developments and do a lot of research into new products so that we can always provide you with the best products. This is also why we are often consulted by customers from all over the country, and even abroad, who cannot find the right help elsewhere. We can provide sound advice because we focus on quality and knowledge.

  • The health of your eyes is our top priority. The ophthalmologist is the expert par excellence when it comes to medical examination of the entire eye. We also won’t hesitate to consult the ophthalmologist or your general practitioner if we think it is necessary. In addition, many customers come to us who wear contact lenses for medical reasons. This can be due to all kinds of causes, for example a very high deviation, extremely dry eyes, scars on the eye or a corneal transplant. We think it is important that the eyes undergo an optimal examination, and mutual consultation between the optometrist/contact lens specialist and the ophthalmologist contributes to this. The close cooperation is therefore very deliberately chosen because Visser Contactlenzen places the emphasis on overall quality.

  • At Visser Contactlenzen we strive for the highest quality. With us you will find largely university-educated optometrists who are all fully specialised in fitting contact lenses. In order to maintain our quality at all times, we invest considerable energy into continuous training and further education for our specialists. Although we do our best to keep our prices in line with the market, in some cases our expertise is passed on in our prices.

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