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The health of your eyes is a top priority for Visser Contactlenzen. Our specialists work according to strict protocols and collaborate closely with ophthalmologists. Don’t hesitate if you have problems with your eyes – let the specialist take a look.

Was uw handen voor het inzetten van uw contactlenzen


Good hygiene is of the utmost importance for wearing contact lenses safely. The most important rule is: no water should enter the case or the eye via the lens!

Frequently asked questions

  • Using contact lenses isn’t difficult. Just ask someone who already wears them. Inserting and removing the lenses is a skill that you will master quickly enough. It is important to take your time with this, especially in the beginning. At Visser Contactlenzen, we practice with you first until you feel confident enough to do it alone at home. After a while, you will develop your own routine and it will become a simple procedure. If you still have problems in practice, you can always come back to practice with us again. The aftercare itself is an important reason to choose Visser Contactlenzen.

  • If you have ordered lenses for the first time and we have received and checked them, we will call you to make an instruction appointment. During this instruction you will learn how to insert, remove and care for the lenses. The entire instruction takes about an hour. We take our time for this because we believe you should start wearing lenses with confidence. The contact lenses are supplied complete, including a handy starter set with lens case and solution. You will also receive clear instructions for use, which you can read at home at your leisure. If you have any questions or problems, you can always call us. We will also immediately make an appointment with you for the first check-up. Especially in the initial period, we want to check your eyes regularly to make sure the adjustment is going well and to answer any questions you may have.

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