During a check-up, the specialist checks your cornea and looks at the fit of the lens on your eye. The specialist will discuss with you whether you like the lens and measure whether the power is still sufficient. The rates can be found at the bottom of this page under the FAQs.

Make an appointment

Procedure for a check-up


1. Appointment

You can schedule an appointment for a check-up via our service bureau.

2. Check-up

The specialist will check your eyes. This takes around 15 minutes. To assess the general health of your eye, we recommend booking an optometric exam with your treating ophthalmologist or with us.

3. Order

After the check-up, we can order new lenses for you if desired.

Frequently asked questions

  • In combination with a Visser Service Subscription, a check-up is always free. Otherwise you pay € 35,-.

  • Even if you order your lenses online, you can have your eyes checked by us. This way you can be sure whether you are still wearing the right lenses and if your eyes are healthy. You can schedule an appointment with us for a lens evaluation.

  • How often you need to come for a check-up may vary depending on the type of lenses you wear. Our specialists will inform you about this. In general, one to two check-ups per year are necessary to properly monitor the health of your eye. For this reason, you may order new lenses once without a prior check-up. Next time, we would like to see your eyes to make sure you can continue wearing the same contact lenses without any problems.

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