During a fitting, the specialist measures your eyes extensively and determines the power of the lenses. Based on the results, our specialist will advise you on the most suitable type of contact lenses for you. The rates can be found at the bottom of this page under the FAQs.

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Procedure for trial lenses


1. Order

Trial lenses are ordered after the fitting.

2. Check and instructions

When the trial lenses have arrived, the specialist will check how they fit in your eyes. In many cases, you will also receive instruction at this time on how to insert and remove the lenses. This depends, among other things, on whether you have worn similar lenses before. During the fitting, the specialist will establish with you whether this instruction is necessary.

3. Follow-up check

After you have tried the trial lenses for about two weeks, a follow-up check will take place. If you like the lenses and they fit your eyes well, the final lenses will be ordered for you. If you don’t like the trial lenses, you will be given other trial lenses and a follow-up check will happen later.

Frequently asked questions

  • In combination with a Visser Service Subscription, a fitting is usually free. Below are the basic prices for contact lens fittings.

    For all types of contact lens fittings: A new fit = € 122,- / a readjustment = € 82,-.

    After the adjustment process, a subscription can be taken out and from that moment on these costs are included in the subscription.

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