At Visser Contactlenzen, we attach great importance to training good medical contact lens specialists. That’s why an intern is regularly present at the practice. Below is an overview of interns currently working at our locations.

Our specialists
Lydia de GreefEdeFrom November 2023 – Now
Lars EussenMaastrichtFrom February 2024
Patrick CeelieAmsterdamFrom February 2024

These are all 4th year optometry students who undertake various internships in different optometric disciplines in the final year of their studies. They each have an express duty of confidentiality, just like your optometrist. They will be involved as much as possible in the various aspects of the medical lens profession, so you may encounter them ‘everywhere’: from fitting to instruction, but also during phone consultation hours. Where and when possible (during the phase of their internship), they will also contact you independently and carry out exams under the optometrist’s supervision.

If you expressly wish the intern NOT to be present for matters that you discuss in the consultation room, you can indicate this to the assistant discreetly in advance.

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