Eye conditions

There are various eye conditions for which contact lenses offer a solution. In many cases, vision can be improved with a contact lens or pain can be reduced or even completely eliminated.

Contact lenses that help

Frequently asked questions

  • Almost anyone can wear contact lenses, from young children to people who have already reached old age. There are so many different types of lenses that even the most ‘difficult’ eyes can often tolerate them. Some eye problems – ‘medical grounds’ – can also be corrected with lenses alone. It is important that someone can take good care of the lenses. Even if you have tried lenses before but could not get used to them, that doesn’t mean there are no options for you at all. A lot has changed in recent years. Feel free to come and talk about it.

  • This isn’t possible just yet. We are working hard to make it possible in the near future.

  • To answer this, we would first have to look at your eyes and measure them to see what your options are. The main difference between rigid lenses and soft lenses is that rigid lenses last longer and soft lenses are easier to get used to. We can only assess which lenses we consider most suitable for your eyes after the measurements and during the test fitting.

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