Dry eyes

Dry eyes can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Contact lenses can sometimes provide great pain relief.

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Causes and treatment

There are several causes of dry eyes, such as:

  • production of tear fluid is reduced
  • the eye does not close or only partially closes
  • the composition of the tears is disturbed.

This may be the case, but certain syndromes, hormonal changes or medicines can also be to blame. Various treatments are possible for dry eyes. These vary from the use of eye drops for minor complaints to special cleansing lotions for clogged meibomian glands or bacteria in the eyelashes.

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Serious complaints

Are the complaints of a more serious nature, such as Sjögren’s syndrome, keratitis sicca, keratitis neuroparalytica, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, closure defects after a vestibular schwannoma and facial paralysis? Then there may be a threatening situation for the eye in which pain symptoms can arise and visual acuity can decrease. In these cases, bandage lenses or scleral lenses can be used, among others. For severe complaints, scleral lenses usually give the best results.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Contact lenses that have been fitted on medical grounds, or for which you have been referred to us by your ophthalmologist, are almost always reimbursed by your health insurer within the basic package. Your health insurer will not reimburse you for the purchase of the contact lens solution. This is sometimes also the case with services purchased from us, such as fittings and check-ups. You can take out a medical subscription with us for this. You then pay € 7,05 per month via a recurring SEPA direct debit. If you have a medical subscription with us, you no longer have to pay for the check-ups separately and you also receive a discount on the solutions.

    An overview of all health insurers and their labels can be found through this link.

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